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The so-called teamwork ability refers to the ability to build on the team, to play the team spirit, complement each other to achieve the team's maximum work efficiency. For the members of the team, not only must have personal abilities, but also the ability to do everything in different positions and coordinate with other members.


The team is bigger than the individual. The power of a team is much greater than the power of a person. The team not only emphasizes the individual work results, but also emphasizes the overall performance of the team. The team relies not only on group discussions and decision-making, but also on the contributions of its members. However, the team is larger than the sum of the parts.


The core of teamwork is synergy. Collaboration is the indispensable essence of any team. It is based on the selfless dedication of mutual trust, and the team members complement each other.


■ Provide customers with quality products and services
■ Create higher value for Changhong
■ Take responsibility for society
■ Create a home platform for employees





■ The spirit of the military   ■ The education of the school

■ The care of the family



■ Become a sustainable printed circuit board company

Sense of worth


■ Customer first, customers are food and clothing parents
■ Embrace change - embrace change, be creative
■ Teamwork sharing and sharing
■ Integrity - Honesty - integrity, words and deeds
■ Optimistic, do not disregard, do not give up
■ Dedication, professionalism, persistence, excellence